We are looking for people from all over the UK to make a sponsored parachute jump on our behalf and in return we are willing to pay for it! You can choose from 25 British Parachute Association approved centres and when you do it!

There are three different types of parachute jump for you to choose from: 10,000ft Tandem Skydive, 3,000ft Static Line Solo Jump or the Accelerated Freefall Jump – 10,000ft solo but with two instructors by your side. We ask you to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship money in order for you to jump for free. In addition to this, every extra pound that you raise over the minimum comes straight to the charity, so please try to raise as much as you possibly can!

 The event is arranged by professional events organisers Skyline who receive a flat rate per jumper for organising the jumps for us. Skyline specialise in organising fundraising events for charities .

Our first jumper reports:

" I saw the wanted poster , it was some thing I've always thought I would like to do but would never gotten around to organising. then when I found out about the charity it was something I realised I had to do . having done the tandem jump, I can honestly say it was one of if not the most exciting and nerve racking things I have or am ever likely to do! The jump centre were

fantastic and made the whole experience a fun one which helped me to enjoy the jump. It wasn't as hard to raise the money needed as I first thought and

was definitely worth the small amount of effort for the massive return for me and hopefully the trust as well . I would urge anyone who ever thought they might like to do it, stop thinking and do it and if your going to do it

what better way than for a worthy cause. Thanks to the XLP Trust for giving me the opportunity to achieve an ambition, I just hope that it makes a difference !"


Can you help us recruit jumpers? Please download this A4 poster and display in your office, college, village hall or church – or any where there may be brave people!

Download: Poster

For a full information pack please either call us on 01794 521077 or Contact us

You can now book online at:

UK - https://www.skylineregistrations.co.uk/charitypara/bookingform.asp?clientID=63765&eventid=172

Overseas - https://www.skylineregistrations.co.uk/overseas/charity-booking.aspx?clientid=63765